Facebook acquires developer behind VR shooter ‘Onward’


Washington: The American social media giant- Facebook has acquired the developer of the popular VR first-person shooter ‘Onward’, the company announced on Saturday.

Tech Crunch broke the news that Facebook has nabbed Downpour Interactive, the developer of the popular VR first-person shooter ‘Onward’.

In an official blog post detailing the massive deal, Mike Verdu, Facebook’s VP of AR/VR Content, called ‘Onward’ a “multiplayer masterpiece”. However, the firm had not disclosed the financial terms with the studios yet.

Facebook has been bulking up its studio arms since 2019. This news came few months after the company acquired its last studio in early 2020. However, Mark Zuckerberg’s co-founded company, in an official statement, informed that the title will continue to be available on non-Facebook VR hardware going forward.

VR shooter ‘Onward’ has been among virtual reality’s top sellers in recent years. The latest deal came after the company’s recent attempt “to create an ambitious first-person shooter of its own, partnering with Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment and dumping millions into a Medal of Honor VR title that was tepidly received among reviewers after its release this past December”, as per Tech Crunch. (ANI)