Expert Ayman Kaddoura shares important tips for digital marketers


Dubai-based digital marketing expert Ayman Kaddoura has been making waves in the industry for a while now. His digital marketing agency The Bridge Technology has established itself in the field and have been able to help plenty of business enterprises to get maximum output from their businesses.

Ayman’s biggest draw as a person is his unique ideas and this is the reason he has become a massive success story. Speaking about the tips for digital marketers, Ayman shares, “I have been closely involved with pay-per-click ads and campaigns, developing and managing them from scratch. I am adept with Google Adwords, and promotions on Facebook. Our focus is on maximizing performance within the client budget. So we perform monthly adjustments to achieve the results. For third party content distribution too, I can offer unique content.”

He further believes that it is important for marketers to have a social media presence. This reflects on Ayman’s social accounts as well, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.

Another tip, Ayman Kaddoura shares, “If you are looking to sell a product or offer a service to a certain target group, you need to research your demographic audience. An accurate representation of what your audience is looking for will help you update and upgrade your existing products or services.”

“If you are selling a business model, it would be better to target social media platforms that target business professionals. Meanwhile, if your product is for the fashion industry, you’ll be better off with a photo and video sharing platform. Know your product and then pick the right platform to connect with the users looking for it,” concludes Ayman.