EXCLUSIVE: Meet Noor Alom, a tailor now representing Assam in Khelo India


GUWAHATI, Jan 12: From working in farms to taking up tailoring to earn two square meals a day, donning the Assam jersey at a national event in volleyball was something 21-year-old Noor Alom always used to dream.

His dreams have finally been fulfilled.

Noor Alom of Nagarbera under Kamrup district is representing Assam in the third edition of Khelo India Youth Games which is currently underway in Guwahati.

Noor’s younger brother Abdul Karim is also playing in the same team.

“The journey from being a farmer and a tailor to a volleyball player in a national event has really been difficult,” the 21-year-old player told News Live in an exclusive interview.

“I used to work as a farmer. Then I turned to tailoring. I always loved playing volleyball. It’s like a dream come true for me,” Noor said, as he thanked his friends and well-wishers for pushing him to this level.

  Noor, incidentally, doesn’t have a tailoring shop of his own but is employed by another tailor.  

 “Whatever I earn from farming and tailoring, I spend them on sports. There are many talented sports persons in our village, but they don’t get the opportunity because of poor financial conditions,” the promising volleyball player stated.

He further appealed the government to provide adequate facilities to nurture sporting talents in rural areas.