Even if it’s a small change I am happy to be a part of it, says Seema Singh


The journey is never easy but it doesn’t mean that one should give up. With such an inspiring thought Ms. Seema Singh continues her journey towards humanity. In a brief chat with Mumbai based philanthropist and social entrepreneur Ms. Seema Singh opens about her Journey and NGO.

Your journey has been long as a social entrepreneur, what made you start this journey that you are on to today?

It actually started at my home itself. I basically helped my driver’s son by funding his entire study and I guess somewhere I liked that feeling of helping the other and that made me start my journey or who I am today.

Meghashrey, NGO has been helping the needy ones since long. So what all work does your NGO offer?

My NGO basically aims towards providing quality education to the underprivileged backgrounds and feed the hungry of India. Apart from this my NGO has organized some food drives, sapling distribution drive and blanket distribution drive. We also look into empowering the women as well. We have helped some of them by setting their own small unit businesses.

While doing all of these work, which one has been the most challenging one for you?

The most challenging one would be the chiplun flood. At that time the areas were heavily flooded and going inside those areas with my team was a big challenge in itself but I am very proud that we made it successfully and helped as many people as possible.

How did you and your NGO Meghashrey manage to help and work at a crucial time like Covid-19?

So the initial step was to ensure me and my team member’s safety. We did this by getting ourselves vaccinated first so that we can safely help others in return. We then followed all the protocols and then came on the ground to help others by providing masks, hand sanitizers and energy drinks.

What do you wish to do with your NGO in the long run?

Through my NGO Meghashrey I wish to bring a notable change in the society, by building a better and brighter India.