Evantan raises the bar for other NFT proponents and holders across the industry


The kind of mints he has done so far has brought him to the industry’s forefront.

It is so astounding to know and read more about all those individuals and professionals who never shy from taking the necessary risks in their careers. These risks often lead these individuals to unimaginable success and skyrocket their careers to a whole new level. Many of these individuals are young talented beings who have been giving it their all, regardless of the competition they face along their paths, and keep walking ahead to eventually reach their desired success levels in their chosen niches. Serving as one of the finest examples of one such one-of-a-kind NFT lover, enthusiast, and investor is evantan, aka EVXN.

This young guy has shown what it really takes to become one of the finest NFT enthusiasts in the industry. evantan, over the years, gained immense knowledge and continuously honed his skills to make his mark in the industry, which he saw booming at a very young age. He went on to become a part of many growing projects, out of which he made several profits, some of which can be found on his Opensea profile, and some of his long-term HODLs can be found on his profile on Opensea Vault. The passionate being has some of his works on Foundation and has even sold raribles on his profile on Rarible.

In every way possible, evantan has tried to showcase his top game in the industry, which is known for constant revolutions, brought by the incredible NFT projects and collections that get introduced almost every day in the industry. evantan is today an honorary Bored Ape and finds pride in diving deep into the NFT world by being a part of several projects so far, where he has minted, owned, and sold different NFTs from unique collections around the world.