Erotic dance, gambling in book fair’s name


A little known NGO in Bongaigaon district is under scanner for holding erotic dances by semi-clad female dancers in the guise of organizing a book and trade fair. The fair has been named Rashtriya Vishal Mahotsav Book & Trade Fair and organized by a little known NGO named Life Line Social Development and supported by another nondescript foundation, that too formed in the name of a freedom fighter.

The fair has been underway at Balarchar, Kirtanpara, in Goalpara district of Assam since Dec 16 and is scheduled to conclude today (Dec 29).

The entrance of the book & trade fair organized by Life Line Social Development, a little-known NGO, and another foundation opened in the name of a freedom fighter.


Banners of ‘Sonali Dance Dhamaka’ were hung within the fair premises with the steamy dance by semi-clad dancers pulling huge crowds. The dance sessions are organized after dusk and have turned out to be a footfall increaser with men from the nearby areas that is predominantly minority dominated flocking the fair premises to ‘enjoy’ the dance.

Two dancers performing a dance with steamy moves.


The incident has led to huge repercussions with people of the locality questioning as to how authorities could allow such events to be organized in the name of a book and trade fair.

“It’s surprising as to how such steamy dances are allowed to be held. It’s vitiating the entire atmosphere of the locality. Authorities should take strong action against the organizers. I simply can’t understand what civil and police officials are doing?” a resident of Balarchar said.

There are also reports of open gambling within the fair premises with police doing very little to stop the illegal activities.

Significantly, not a single book stall was set up although the fair, by name, was supposed to be selling books along with other commercial goods.