eGirl Capital: The digital native brand and venture capital everyone’s talking about


The said digital native brand, which stands tall and unique, is involved in various activities in the digital financial industry.

A lot has already been spoken about how a few individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs have gone ahead in gaining massive success and headlines in their respective industries across the world, choosing to go under the grind, working relentlessly, and giving in their best in all that they choose to in their endeavours in life. These efforts often result in brands and platforms that have the power and the potential to take over their respective industries in multiple ways. Such was the scenario when, in the latter half of 2020, when most of the world was grappling with the disruptions caused by the pandemic, a group of budding talents in the digital financial world, holding different experiences, came together to build a digital native brand called eGirl Capital.

eGirl Capital, today within just two years of its existence, is already growing to be a well-known venture capital and so much more as the team suggests. Even on Twitter, the team consistently posts different updates of the Defi space only to share the right information and updates to people vying to become a part of the industry and become traders, holders, and investors. It was created in 2020 where a bunch of enthusiasts created a fund that invested alongside well-established venture funds. This soon was converted into a group chat, where different individuals doing different things in life with different experiences talked about their journeys and everything else.

Today, the team at eGirl Capital is involved in investing, fudding, trading, doing software-related things, reading anime, and also having fun together. There are a few in the team who do research on Defi, and some are software experts who have built cutting-edge finance products. The team takes pride in collectively investing in startups and projects that are promising and have the potential to do extremely well in the Defi space, especially the crypto projects.