Effects of trader union’s nationwide strike seen in West Bengal, Odisha


Birbhum/Bhubaneswar/Mumbai (West Bengal/Odisha/Maharashtra) : The effect of a nationwide strike called by the Confederation of All India Traders was visible in some parts of the country like

Odisha and West Bengal where most shops and business establishments remained closed on Friday.
The Confederation of All India Traders called for the strike today in protest against rising fuel prices, new e-way bill, and GST.

There were hardly any vehicles on the roads and highways in Odisha’s Bhubaneswar, while most shops remained shut in the Birbhum district of West Bengal.

However, the All India Motor Transport Congress distanced itself from the strike.

Speaking to ANI in Mumbai, Bal Malkit Singh, Chairman, Core Committee-All India Motor Transport Congress said they are not part of this strike, but will call for a Chakka-Jam if the government does not listen to their demands in the next few days.

“All India Motor Transport Congress had a meeting on February 14 where it was decided we will give 14 days to the government to accept our demands about price control of fuel prices, and e-bill tax relief among other promises made to us. If our demands are not met within 14 days, we will call for a nationwide Chakka Jam. We forwarded our demands to the government on January 16. However, we have nothing to do with today’s strike,” said Singh. (ANI)