EC comes up with ‘model polling stations’ in Delhi to make elections hassle-free and attract voters


NEW DELHI: To make Delhi election hassle-free and to attract more voters, the Election Commission has come up with ‘model polling stations’ in the national capital which provide facilities like the waiting lounge, creche, drinking water, pick-and-drop facilities for elderly people.

The entrance of these model/pink polling booths are decorated with rows of floral hanging, balloons to make the voter feel welcome and important.

Every constituency in Delhi has one model/pink polling booth and for voters who can’t wait to flaunt their inked fingers can have a photoshoot right outside their polling station as selfie boards have been put out there for them.

These 70 polling booths in Delhi have all-women staff, they have medical facility rooms, volunteers helping the differently-abled with wheelchairs.

Booth number 74, 75, 76 in SDMC Primary co-ed school, in Kilokari Tank, Jal Vihar polling station was such a model booth in the constituency and the voters were seen delighted with the ambience in the model polling stations.

Santosh Kumar, Sector officer/magistrate of the model polling booth, said we provide the pick-and-drop facility to elderly people, there is a facility of drinking water, waiting lounge, medical family, all the staff here is female.

People who are 80-100 years old and disabled people can cast their vote from home.

In order to encourage elderly people to cast their vote, Kumar said election commission officers conduct survey before the election and give option to people who are more than 80 years old that election officers can come to their home three days prior to voting date and they can cast their vote through ballot papers while sitting at home.

Kumar said earlier participation of elderly people was low so Commission has this process of casting their vote at home and old aged people feel happy about this.

Earlier we had seen 15-20 per cent lesser votes as old people couldn’t come to booths so now we are offering first time in Delhi, he added.

They can choose for pick and drop facility too which polling booth is providing. They don’t have to stand in the queue, he said.

Sub-inspector Komal Rathi, security in-charge of the polling booth said: “We are looking after security arrangement that voters don’t face any difficulty.” (ANI)