DRDO develops virus obliterating conveyor for baggage disinfection


KOCHI: A virus obliterating conveyor for the disinfection of baggage has been developed by Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), the Kochi based laboratory of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

The automated stand-alone system uses UV bath for disinfecting baggage and other such items within seconds.

The disinfector is based on a roller based conveyor carriage that carries baggage through a chamber equipped with accurately calibrated and optimally placed UVC sources.

‘The sensing mechanism of the system automatically detects the entry of bags and powers on the UV illumination,’ read a release.

The system has been specifically designed to irradiate the body of the luggage in all directions and disinfect entire surface of the baggage as per the required intensity level and exposure time and has inbuilt features for ensuring prevention of direct UV exposure outside.

This baggage disinfector can be installed at airports, railway stations, metro stations, bus stations and institutional gates.

NPOL has developed the system in partnership with Apollo Microsystems Limited, Hyderabad. (ANI)