Domestic airports across India get ready to serve amid Covid-19 outbreak


Chennai: The Airports Authority of India is geared up handle operations as flight services, suspended as a part of nationwide coronavirus lockdown, are set to resume after two months on May 25.

As per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, passengers are advised to not plan journey, in case the body temperature is high or they are symptomatic of Covid-19.

They have to register on the Aarogya Setu App before starting a journey and always wear a face mask and hand gloves. Passengers have to maintain social distancing at all times.

“We are minimizing the touch areas by passengers. As soon they enter the airport premises we sanitize their shoes and do thermal screening and scanning. We check all IDs by maintaining social distancing. All checkpoints are now separated by a mirror screen so that droplets cannot be transmitted to other people,” said Suneel Dutt, Director of Chennai Airport.

Passenger shall have to do a web check-in and carry a print of boarding card from home
As they arrive at the airport, the guidelines state, keep the phone handy with travel documents like flight ticket, boarding pass and Identity proof for entry verification by a security officer standing behind a glass shield.
After document verification, they have to follow the floor marking for baggage drop counter.

Thermal scanners are installed to monitor the temperature of all passengers
Floor markings have been done at the check-in areas as CUSS Kiosk Machines to ensure social distancing.

After reaching the airlines counter, they have to collect boarding pass and luggage tag touch-free.

Passengers have to maintain social distancing – at least 4 feet gap from their fellow passengers and airport staff members during the security check procedure.

They have to follow the seating arrangement markings as per social distancing norms in the waiting area.

Some food kiosks are open to serve at the waiting area with proper hygiene and social distancing. Food can also be delivered at the seat in the waiting area.

The passengers are advised to take special precautions of social distancing while using restrooms.

High contact surfaces such as desks, chairs, elevators, railings, CUSS, trolleys, handles, trays and baggage belts are being sanitized regularly.

During the lockdown, the Airports Authority of India has made arrangements at all airports to ensure safety of passengers amid the Covid-19 outbreak. (ANI)