Doctors in Siliguri complain of poor quality COVID-19 protection gear


Siliguri: Doctors at the North Bengal Medical College, Siliguri on Tuesday claimed that they have been provided raincoats, sunglasses and masks made of bedsheets instead of the PPEs (Personal Protective Equipments) such as laboratory glasses and surgical/N95 masks to look after COVID-19 patients.

“We met with the MSVP (medical superintendent cum vice principal) and he told us that there was no supply of PPEs and a requisition has been sent. When we pressurised him, he told us to ‘do whatever you like’ and do not come for duty,” Dr Shahriar Alam, a resident doctor, told ANI.

In the facility at least one person has been tested positive for coronavirus and other patients are yet to be tested as “testing has still not started here”.

He added: “Cotton masks are absolutely not recommended for protection against the virus as the pores are big enough for the virus to pass through. They (health department) should at least provide surgical masks but not a single surgical mask was available in the ward.”

With regards to the raincoat, Alam said that the doctors were told to reuse and sanitise the coat. “They told us to wash the raincoat and reuse the same raincoat–it is absolutely ridiculous. Are they not even thinking about the health of the people,” he said.

The Union Health Ministry said the death toll due to COVID-19 has risen to 32 and the number of total active coronavirus cases have reached 1,117 as on Monday. (ANI)