Distressed migrants walk their way home with no hope of transport in Telangana


Hyderabad: Thousands of distressed migrants were seen here making their way on foot towards their native places on Friday, with no hope of transport, amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Speaking to ANI, Chotu Kumar Yadav said, “We have come from Tandur and we are walking towards our homes in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It is been two months since we have received any help from the government. The government did not give us even a kilogram of wheat.”

“If somebody helps us with transport then we can reach our village,” he said.

Another migrant Neelam said, “We have come here from Tandur, we had to walk all the way on foot with our two small children. There is no hope of help for us from neither the landlord nor authorities, hence we decided to go on our own. We have to reach Raichur.”

Afsar Ali said, “We have no facility to reach our native place, we filled a form at the Railway Department but yet no response. My wife is pregnant, even she is suffering now, there is no facility for her either. We have reached the highway in an auto, now we are waiting for a truck, but there is no hope left. We have to walk from here now.”

Another migrant Mevalal said, “I have come from Anantapur to Hyderabad on foot, we stopped here to rest for a while. Maybe we will reach our village in the next three days. (ANI)