Discover Marvans Mobile, the iconic electronics retail store in vadodara built by Wahid Badami


Visit the store on a weekend and you shouldn’t be surprised to meet people coming from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka, waiting in line to buy their favourite iPhone. The main reason being the trust and personal brand Mr Wahid has built over the past years, leveraging the reach of social media, and the Price and offers that they sell phones at.

The Marvans story started almost 10 years ago, when Mr. Wahid, a young man, was looking to get started on his entrepreneurial journey. A big fan of apple products and the brand, he had gotten his hands on the iPod classic when one of his relatives returning from a foreign trip got him that. Over the years, his love and admiration for the brand and its product grew. But he realised one thing, most apple products were out of reach for most Indian buyers at the time. He decided to do something about it to make apple products more affordable and accessible. This thought led him on a long

journey as a young entrepreneur to figure out what opening a retail store entails, how to source products,manage accounts and inventory, and build a team.

The first Marvans Mobile store was opened in 2013. 9 years later, Marvans Mobile is one of the most successful electronics retail outlets not just in the city but the state, with a thriving online business growing every day.

A significant part of this growth can be attributed to Wahid’s knack for understanding the power of digital marketing way ahead of time. Before digital marketing became the go to buzzword for brands, Mr. Wahid was running ads to increase his brand’s reach on social media. With focussed marketing efforts, unique and consistent content, and a strong in house digital team, Marvans mobile has garnered over 3 lac followers on instagram and a combined total of 5 lac followers across the platforms

Marvans Mobile ventured in the Online retail space during pandemic, a move born more out of necessity than desire, which slowly led to customers across India reaching out to Marvans for their iphone needs.

Since then the online store has grown steadily every month with special and exclusive offers and discounts, serving customers across the country. This eid, both the online and offline stores have exciting discounts and offers which are definitely worth checking out if you are planning to buy an iphone soon. Visit to know more.