Dibrugarh blaze: Lost everything, families in tears say


The massive fire that gutted nearly 80 houses at Loharpatty Theatrepara locality of Dibrugarh has left many families homeless as the inferno reduced to ashes all their belongings and forcing them to stare at an uncertain future.

The blaze is believed to have started from an earthen lamp and it spread in no time engulfing the entire locality. The bursting of nearly 50 LPG cylinders compounded matters as more houses came under the fire.

Fire tenders took more than five hours to completely douse the flames with the local people also pitching in as they carried buckets full of water and helped contain the blaze from spreading further.

“We have lost everything we had. All our belongings have been reduced to ash. We don’t know how to rebuild our lives. The government should provide us some compensation,” a woman whose house was gutted in the fire told News Live.

Meanwhile, the local people accused fire-tenders of arriving late and even shouted “Fire department Murdabad” slogans.

Although property worth many crore was reduced to ash, people had a close shave as only one person was reportedly injured due to the inferno.