Designgiri India: Designing a New Path


 Designgiri India is a graphic designing company which has worked with over three hundred big name brands over its life time. Currently there are more than sixty brands associated with the company whose services include logo and print designing, website development, illustrations etc. But the story of its founder and inception is an intriguing and surreal one.

Deepak Goyal had followed the traditional mindset following his completion of high school and gotten himself admitted into an engineering college. But soon he realized he didn’t enjoy his subject. Mathematics proved especially difficult for him, and although he persevered for three years in his course, things didn’t improve at all. Finally, with the permission and support of his family and friends, he dropped out of engineering and began a diploma course in graphic design.

He enjoyed this work immensely and excelled in all his classes, which prompted his teachers to encourage him to showcase his work online. That is how the Instagram page Designgiri India was born. Deepak uploaded his designs and ideas there, and it soon attracted a sizeable following, some of whom offered him paid work. As the work load increased, with commissions coming from all over the place, Deepak finally opened up an office and hired young talent to help him keep up with the demand.

Designgiri’s success has proved instrumental in realizing Deepak’s dreams to diversify his businesses. He opened his first Salon in 2019 after extensively researching the field for more than two years, and plans to expand this business with outlets all across the nation.

But most importantly, Deepak was finally able to realize his philanthropic dreams, which he had harboured since college. He believes that education is the bedrock on which we, as individuals, build the basis of our future. So he teamed up with a few of his college mates and started working to provide quality education to disadvantaged children. The youth are the ammunition of a nation’s future, and Deepak wanted to curate their talents and nurture them into blooming. So they identified several slums and started teaching kids living there. Acknowledging the importance of school education, the team also spent their own funds to enroll over eighty kids in schools. According to Deepak’s estimate, the team has been able to educate more than four hundred and fifty students over the life cycle of this NGO.

Although he has seen enormous success with both Designgiri India, and the chain of salons, his philanthropic activities are what Deepak considers his true achievements and legacy. And he attributes all of it to his initial success as a graphic designer.