Depression in Arabian Sea likely to turn into severe cyclone in next 12 hours


New Delhi : India Meteorological Department on Tuesday said that the depression in the south-west Arabian Sea was likely to turn into a severe cyclone in the next 12 hours.

“Cyclone is likely to become severe cyclone in the next 12 hours. It will continue to move for next 6 hour in Northerly direction along the coast after that it will re curve as a cyclone and cross the Raigarh and Daman Raigarh,” Aanand Sharma, Deputy director, IMD told ANI.

“MeT department has already given the warning for heavy to very heavy rains in few places including North Maharashtra and Southern Gujarat and the Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli,” added Sharma.

He said that the wind will blow in order of hundred plus kilometre that is mainly on June 2 and 3 and from June 4, winds will drastically come down to the 30-40 kmph, so we have a strong wind, we have heavy to very heavy and extremely rain because we have a Western Ghat reason so people have to be extra careful of flash flood kind of things then you get lots of rain over the small area in short period of time so there is a chances of flash flood in the mountain region of Palghar and nearby district.

The IMD also said that there is a chance of landslides in the areas where lot of activity were taken unplanned. With deforest activity, there could be possibility of landslide as well. So people have to be extra cautious on this.

“It’s not that severe like Amphon cyclone. Initial stage of super cyclone then it will came down to extremely severe cyclone but this one is right now after 6 hours it will be cyclone and then very severe cyclone so definitely it will not be strong,” Anand Sharma said. (ANI)