Demand for coffins increases in Coimbatore amid second COVID-19 wave


Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu): Amid the second COVID-19 wave and the subsequent rise in the number of deaths, the demand for coffins in Coimbatore has increased greatly.
According to Ravi, a coffin box maker, from about eight boxes per month last year, they sold 900 last month.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic last year, we have been getting a lot more orders for coffins. Last year, we used to make about two every week. Last month alone, we made and sold about 900,” he said.

“After the second wave, the demand has grown so much that all six of my family members are involved in production now. Every day, from morning till 10 pm, we can do about 30 per day,” he added.
Ravi further said that not only Christians, but even people from the Hindu community have are willing to buy a coffin for family members who have died of COVID-19.
“Some Hindu people are also coming to buy coffins, not just Christians. Our production has increased so much that we are facing a shortage of raw materials like frames, locks and frames,” he added. (ANI)