DeFi has opened up a lot of investment opportunities – Route 2 FI.


Investing in these emerging markets can yield impressive returns, and who knows this better than this industry expert.

Trading and investing in digital assets has seen a steady rise in recent times as many have jumped into this sphere as they found it to be interesting as it is predicted to rule the future. However, those who just stepped in without gaining proper knowledge got into trouble as they were not able to keep up with the volatile markets. This prompted many industry experts like Route 2 FI to step in and throw light on this subject to save investors and traders from losing their money. This was the sole reason for forming his ‘DeFi coaching program’ which imparts the right knowledge about the digital asset industry.

“Making money in these volatile and unpredictable markets is a task, the reason one should tread the path carefully,” says Route 2 FI. He has been around the digital asset industry since it first debuted years back and has been learning about the subject in depth which has made him one of the best known industry experts whose findings have benefitted hordes of enthusiasts who were investing to incur losses earlier, but not anymore, owing to the learnings imparted by the expert. His Twitter account is constantly updated with the latest happenings of the crypto world, and many of his followers are able to zero down the right ones after going through his recommendations.

This Investor/writer in DeFi and web3 has been throwing light on various aspects of trading and investing cryptos through his [email protected], which has benefitted many of his followers. Also, those who have trained under his effective program have benefitted to a great extent as it has opened up a whole new world of DeFi which they were not familiar with earlier. Today, he is well acquainted with almost all ecosystems hovering around DeFi, having in-depth knowledge about Terra, Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche, Solana, Harmony, and Cosmos.

Apart from being an investor and writer, he is also an angel investor and is constantly on a lookout for projects which have the potential grow big in the future.