Debashish Khargharia arrested


Police in a recent development have arrested the absconding son of Rajani Khargharia, Debashish Khargharia from Guwahati. Acting on a tip off, the Sivasagar police arrested him from a house in Six Mile area in Guwhati.  His wife Geetashree Khargharia is still absconding, informs Sivasagar SP. Previously, their vehicle was also seized in Guwahati.

Sivasagar SP, Subodh Sonowal, informed News Live that though Debashish’s wife was present with Debashish, she successfully managed to flee from the house.

Meanwhile, Debashish has been taken to Sivasagar immediately after the arrest and will be produced before the Court. It should be noted that, Sivasagar Police had faced severe criticism earlier for failing to arrest the son & daughter-in-law duo even after more than two weeks. Sivasagar Police had issued phone numbers asking the citizens to inform the police if the absconding son and daughter-in-law of deceased Rajani Khargharia and Rubi Khargharia are spotted anywhere.

Post the recovery of the bodies of the Khargaria couple on July 1, police had been trying to apprehend Debasish and Geetashree for the last 18 days.