Cyclone Nisarga: Maharashtra CMO releases a list of DO’s and DONT’s to stay safe


Mumbai: As the landfall process of Cyclone Nisarga begins near Alibaug with strong wind speed of 120-140 kmph, the Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) on Wednesday released a list of DO’s and DONT’s.

In the Do’s, the Maharashtra CMO has mentioned that loose things outside the house should be tied or moved indoors. The citizens have also been asked to seal important documents and jewellery in a plastic bag.

It has also asked citizens to regularly inspect battery-operated as well as reserve power systems and practise actions to be taken in case of emergencies.

“If you do not live in a mud house/hut, choose a part of the house as an emergency shelter and practise how members of the house will use the space during the cyclone.

Keep an emergency kit ready. Stay away from windows. Close some windows and keep some open so the pressure is maintained. Stay at the centre of the room. Stay away from the corners as debris often accumulates in the corners,” the office of Maharashtra CMO tweeted.

In addition, the Maharashtra CMO has also urged people “not to spread or believe in rumours” in these difficult times.

The state government has also warned citizens “not to drive or ride any vehicle during the cyclone” and “stay away from the damaged buildings.”

“Do not move injured people unless it is absolutely safe to do so. It may cause more harm. Do not allow oil and other flammable substances to spill. Clean immediately.”

As a precautionary measure, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) earlier in the morning had called for a structural inspection of temporary COVID-19 health centres. The civic body directed the contractors of the respective healthcare facilities to again review the safety and stability of the structures set up by them. (ANI)