Crazycatz NFT, The Roadmap To The Future That Combines Western and Chinese Culture


In the past half a decade, NFTs have exponentially disrupted the creative world of art. It has changed how art is both traded and how the artwork creators are rewarded. NFTs are also being used to bring a higher level of authenticity to brands as well as bring about a new spark and intrigue to different cultures around the world

The Crazycatz NFTs are a set of NFT collectibles that combine Chinese and Western cultures. With a total collection of 8,888 unique designs, Crazycatz NFT’s have been in the making for over the last 12 months. These designs have over 200 traits and will soon be launched to the world.

The roadmap to the future

Crazycatz’s future ahead in the Metaverse ecosystem is bright as they hold real-world utility. Here are 7 stages that make up the roadmap to the future:

Stage 1

Crazycatz focuses on the Asian market to curate, combine and draw together different cultures. Therefore, the beginning point will always be to design a marketing campaign to roll out for Crazycatz across the globe. This marketing campaign will aim to draw various cultures and have their designs reflect that as they open up the world to a broader community to become involved.

Stage 2

Crazycatz will collaborate with a Chinese Alcohol company called No Rules in this stage. They will release Crazycatz branded beer bottles for sale in China, a country that tops in NFT searches. These Crazycatz labeled beer bottles will have information about their NFTs that will direct consumers directly to the Crazycatz website that will soon launch and their social media, which will bring massive awareness to their collection.

Stage 3

In stage 3, they will launch Crazycatz merchandise. This will be provided to their community, influencers, and high-profile celebrities worldwide to take Crazycatz to a high level of awareness. The Crazycatz NFT holders will also receive exclusive access to selected pieces of their merchandise for free.

Stage 4

At this point, Crazycatz will donate to charity to which the community will select. They will also vote for the community to decide what charity to donate to.

Stage 5

New collections are expected to come out with new benefits and perks at this stage. Those who own the Crazycatz NFTs are entered into a giveaway so that they can be airdropped free NFTs from their collection.

Stage 6

No Rules company will sponsor events at this stage. These events could range across the whole world. The holders will also receive perks like free/discounted tickets to these events.

Stage 7

Lastly, this stage involves bridging between the digital and the physical world.

This unique NFT project collaborates with ‘No Rules’, a Chinese alcohol company. Their goal is to bring out a Crazycatz branded line of craft beer. This collaboration will solidify Crazycatz’ already highly credible NFT collection