COVID-19 : Pune admin develops website to monitor self-quarantine patients


Pune: In the backdrop of coronavirus pandemic, the district administration has developed a website to keep track of those who have been put on self-quarantine. It also provides a platform to report about the potential patients.

Any citizen or doctor can register themselves and can access the website by providing a mobile number which will be verified through an OTP.

The team which was developed the website was led by Ayush Prasad, Zilla Parishad Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pune.

Speaking to ANI Prasad said that the website will help monitor people who have been put on self-quarantine on a large scale and real-time basis. Moreover, it will help the administration to get in touch with these people.

“We have developed a website–, this will work in two ways. First, if a citizen wants to inform that he has recently returned from a foreign trip or he has been put on home-based quarantine by a doctor then he or she can self-report via the website. Moreover, he or she has to inform us in every 12 hours regarding the home-based quarantine. The local authorities and medical fraternities will be informed that the person is following the rules for home-based quarantine,” said Prasad.

“In the second case, if a person visits a doctor and doctor finds him a potential suspect of COVID-19, he can refer to us,” he added.

“We take patient’s number so that we are able to contact him or her. This is an easy way for large scale monitoring of people. Moreover, the website will help the administration get feedback on a real-time basis. We can be in contact with the people who are on home-bases quarantine,” said Prasad.

A total of 110 cases of coronavirus, including 17 foreign nationals, have been confirmed across India, Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said on Sunday.

The maximum positive cases have been reported from Maharashtra (32), followed by Kerala (22).(ANI)