COVID-19: Kolkata scientist invents pocket ventilator


Kolkata: Amid the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kolkata-based Scientist Dr Ramendra Lal Mukherjee, an engineer by profession has invented a highly portable battery operated ventilor which can be used by people who suffer from breathing problem, irrespective of their age.

It can be charged through mobile charger which can last for eight hours.

This device has two parts, a power Unit and a Ventilator unit attached to the mouth piece. Once the Power button is switched on, the ventilator extracts the air from outside and passes through the Ultra Violet Chamber (UV) that purifies the air which then flows in to the mouth piece, explained Dr Mukherjee.

“Even if the person is infected with Covid 19, the UV chamber will filter the air and make it free from germs. The instrument has the Control knob which help people operate the ventilator themselves as per the requirement of the Oxygen,” said Dr Mukherjee while speaking to ANI.

He further stated that the ventilator weighs just 250 gms and can be charged through mobile charger which can last for eight hours .

Talking about the idea behind the device, Dr Mukherjee said the idea came to his mind when he was suffering from severe COVID infection and was in dire need of oxygen.

“There was a crisis of oxygen and looking at my condition I prefered to get tele-medicine treatment. When I was recovering, at that time I started working on this ventilator. I ordered the material online and within 20 days I came up with this Pocket Ventilator.”

Dr Mukherjee said that the pocket ventilator will prove to be very useful not only for COVID patients, but also for those suffering from Asthma and have breathing problems .

Many US companies are getting in touch with him to make this Pocket Ventilator with its rising demand in the market, said the scientist-cum-engineer.

Dr Mukherjee who has won 30 patents to his credit, believes that his recent invention of Portable Ventilator will turn out to be beneficial for those who are actually in need of oxygen during this pandemic and will be able to save many lives. (ANI)