COVID-19: Assam Govt announces new SOP for School, Colleges and Universities


Guwahati: In the wake of the surge in Covid cases, the Assam Government on Friday issued a new COVID19 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for educational institutions in the state in order to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

The state government on Friday issued fresh guidelines to prevent the surge of cases of COVID-19 and announced that the schools up to Class V will remain closed till January 30 while the schools in Kamrup Metro will remain closed up to Class VIII.

The new SOP issued by the Assam Education Department are:

  • All Schools (both Govt. and Private) upto Class VIII in Kamrup Metropolitan District and upto Class V in all other Districts of Assam shall remain closed until further orders.
  • The physical classes shall be allowed on alternate days for class IX,X,XI and XII in respect of Kamrup(M) District as detailed below:

(a) Class IX and XI shall be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

(b) Class X and XII shall be held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

In respect of other Districts of Assam (excluding Kamrup (M)) the physical classes shall be allowed on alternate days as detailed below:

(a) Class VI, VIII, X and XII shall be held on every Monday Wednesday and Friday.

(b) Class VII, IX and XI shall be held on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

    • The physical classes in respect of degree/Post Graduate Students of Colleges/ Universities/Engineering Colleges/ Technical Institutions are allowed to function with fully vaccinated students.
    • The In-Charge Headmaster/Headmistress of the Elementary Schools shall supervise and ensure serving of Mid-Day Meal to the students as per instructions guidelines issued by the Govt. from time to time during class days and off days.
    • In respect of attendance of Students in schools, attendance is not compulsory and will be based purely on parental consent.
    • In addition to formal classes online classes will also continue as per requirement and continuity of education.
    • Meetings in schools/educational institutions (formal and informal) will not be allowed in the Educational Institution premises.
    • There will be no cultural function, meetings etc., until further orders.
    • There should not be more than 30 (thirty) students in a section. The Head of the Institution will assess the required number of sections and open more sections accordingly if required.
    • All Educational Institutions shall continue to provide quality virtual option/ online classes in addition to physical classes.
    • The Schools/Educational Institutions shall have to be sanitized on every weekend (preferably on every Sunday).
    • COVID appropriate behaviour should be followed by every Educational Institution.
    • Compulsory use of Masks/Sanitizers by all shall be ensured.
    • Social distancing in classes shall be ensured. Maintenance of physical distance of minimum 6ft both inside and outside the classroom should be ensured.