COVID-19: Assam doctor in frontline in US, scripts many success stories


GUWAHATI: A doctor from Assam has been leading the fight against COVID-19 from the frontline in the US. Dr. Ankit Nahata who hails from Assam has been extending commendable service in treating the COVID-19 patients in the US. Ankit works at St. Mary’s Hospital in Richmond Height. He has scripted several success stories in the battle against COVID-19.

On Sunday, the 100th patient with COVID-19 was released from the hospital where Dr. Ankit Nahata works. Dr. Nahata played a pivotal role in treating Maurice Cooley, 58, the 100th coronavirus patient to head home from the hospital in Richmond Heights

 “Unfortunately we have had several deaths, people we could not save, but we have had several success stories as well. We have had patients who have been on the breathing machines for a couple of weeks who have turned around,” said Nahata, an ICU doctor at St. Mary’s.

“This has been very hard times for us and moments like this give us the push to go back out there keep doing what we’re doing,” the doctor told

He said the nurses and doctors will keep working hard, especially as the peak in the St. Louis region isn’t expected until later this week according to the task force.

“April 25 is when we expect to see the peak, so I think it is too early, when we have not even seen the peak, to talk about lifting stay at home orders,” he added.