Coronovirus: Gohpur couple makes masks out of Gamosa


Guwahati: Amid shortage of face masks in the market, the people of Dathkola, Gohpur in Assam are making masks out of the traditional Assamese Gamosa.

Khanindra Pradhan and Sangeeta Pradhan of Dathkola have taken the responsibility of making these masks for the wellbeing of the entire state. These masks are stitched in weaving machines and washed with Dettol and are available in a minimal price. These masks are ready to use and easy to wash.

“As we know Coronavirus has erupted from China and so they have kept all the masks that they produce. So we have made these masks through indigenous materials. The main aim of the production of these masks stops using Chinese products. And people of Assam can use these masks with pride as we have kept in mind about the Assamese tradition as well as the prevention matter,” said Khanindra Pradhan.

“The duo has made this mask from Gamosa to prevent people from Coronavirus.  They have kept their culture intact and are still using science for preventive measures. These masks are available in a low price and we believe it will help the people of the state a bit relief from Coronavirus,” said a local resident.