Coronavirus: Gauhati High Court to hear urgent matters only


GUWAHATI: As the Coronavirus fear mounts in Assam and Northeast India, Gauhati High Court has decided to hear the urgent matters only till further orders.

In a notification issued on March 15, registrar general of Gauhati High Court stated, “The functioning of the courts in principal seat of the High Court, as well as its outlying benches at Kohima, Aizawl and Itanagar shall be restricted to urgent matters only, till further orders.”

The notification also mentioned that no person except the learned advocates/parties appearing in person who are to address arguments in the matter would be permitted in the court room.

However, learned advocates and parties in person may mention their matter(s) showing the urgency before the concerned Courts. The Court, only on being satisfied that the matter is of urgent nature, will hear such matters.

Learned advocates, and parties appearing in person may provide the cause-list number/case number of the case of urgent nature to the court master of the court concerned by 10:15 AM. Only those cases would be taken up for considering the urgency.

The other cases shall stand adjourned. In the old block of the High Court, only gate number 4 will be used for ingress, and gate number 1 for egress.

In the new block of the High Court, only gate number 6 will be used for ingress and egress.

All the lawyers, litigants, members of staff, security staff, etc. will be subjected to medical screening before entry in the new as well as old High Court building. For enabling the same, ingress and egress to the two buildings shall be restricted. Registrars of Kohima, Aizawl and Itanagar benches of the Gauhati High Court have also been asked to devise measures accordingly.

Entry of any foreign national in courts and offices has also been restricted by the High Court.