Content Writers from India Helping brands grow Globally, says Jigar Saraswat.


Guwahati: We all know digital marketing plays an influential role in brands and individuals growth in 2021. With the surge of the internet in India and social media platforms, we see all new opportunities growing up for digital marketing agencies. 

Pillar of Digital marketing:

The pillar of any solid digital marketing is content writing and marketing. Having a good content writers team in digital marketing campaign 70% of your work is done, and you will definitely get the desired result. 

Different kind of content Writers:

Content writers are of a different kind. Some are article writers, blog writers, News website writers, website writers, technical writers, copywriters, SEO writers, social media platform online providers, etc. 

Freelance Content Writers in India:

The role of content writers in India is growing in terms of digital marketing and helping brands improve online reputation. Content writer with the knowledge of basic structure of how Google works and other search engines, no one can stop that brand from growing online. 

One of the Top Freelance Indian Content Writer Jigar Saraswat view on Content Writing in India:

One of the Best Indian Content writer Jigar Saraswat feels we are now seeing an all-new path for content writers in India. He is constantly highlighting the importance of good content writers and content writing agency for the last few years. It is the fastest-growing field globally, and Jigar Saraswat feels that India is becoming a hub of content writers. We will see the best content writers of the world come from India, helping brands and individuals expand their reach with SEO friendly writing.

Importance of working with top Content Writing agency:

Content Writing is the next big thing in India post-COVID-19. It has already given work to thousands of good content writers working for companies in the US, UK, and worldwide. Today most of the top content writers in the US are from India; the best content writers in the UK are from India. The best Content writers in Australia are also from India, who are giving their best work from home as freelance content writers at good rates. This shows the impact of Indian content writers in the global arena.

Publishing content on Blog sites is rated as advance digital marketing in 2021:

A rapid increase in internet users is a good indication for brands who want to expand their business worldwide. According to Jigar Saraswat, digital marketing is changing now the importance of publishing blogs and articles on websites is gaining speed. Many individuals and Brands understand good DA PA sites can help you a lot more than traditional digital SEO. Tags, title, subtitle can help you get trending with multiple keywords. 

The demand for content writers in India is on the rise, and it will be at its peak in 2025 because of the ongoing growth of social media platforms and online users.