Congress to empower housewives in Assam if voted to power


GUWAHATI: The Congress will empower housewives, ensure women’s safety against the rising crime graph in Assam, provide the cushion against inflation and give the self respect that they deserve if voted to power in the coming assembly poll in the state, AICC spokesperson Supriya Shrinate said on Wednesday. Congress will implement the ”Grihini Samman Guarantee” if it comes to power, Shrinate told reporters in Guwahati.

The scheme had been launched by party leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra during her visit to Tezpur on March 2.

The Congress has pledged 5 Guarantee Programme for the people of Assam and one of the most important commitment is towards the housewives of the state, Shrinate said at a press conference here.

There has been special relevance of women in the Assamese society and the 81.2 per cent female literacy rate in the state is one of the highest in the country. But for long the contribution of the housewives has not been recognised or appreciated enough which the Congress seeks to set right, she said.

Congress will promote and empower women as an equally important stakeholder in all household functions and decisions, Shrinate said.

“By empowering women we will empower Assam and we pledge to implement the ”Grihini Samman Guarantee” that will cover all housewives of the state without any restriction or underlying clauses”, the Congress leader said.

“The home is the cradle of civilization and we are resolute on starting our mission of empowering women at the household level,” she said. The ”Grihini Samman Guarantee” seeks to provide every housewife Rs 2000 each month. The programme will cover all housewives, including widowed and divorced women, even if she has a job or works as a daily labourer to give self respect that all of them deserve.

This programme will be implemented within the first few days of the Congress coming to power in the state, Shrinate said. “A housewife not only manages the household but also has the responsibility of steering its future and that of the society. Recognizing and giving value to the work that they do is quintessential in elevating the respect for them in the society,” the Congress leader said. The party believes that through the Grihini Samman Guarantee housewives will be empowered to make better consumption investment decisions for their households, negotiate price rise, provide better nutrition and better future for their children, she said.

””When we look at the jobs women do at home, even though they may not be working outside, we see the unpaid labour that goes unaccounted and the time has come to ensure that women are recognized for the contribution they make to society, ” Shrinate added. (PTI)