CM’s Police Medal to 29 Assam Police personnel including IPS officer Indrani Baruah


GUWAHATI: On the occasion of 74th Independence Day, 29 Assam Police personnel, including IPS officer Indrani Baruah have been selected for CM’s Police Medal for Outstanding Service.

The Chief Minister Police Medal for Outstanding Service also went to six personnel of Fire and Emergency Services Department.

While five Assam Police personnel, including Anupam Gowala (SI), Kushal Das (CT), Titheswar Saikia (CT), Ashini Kumar Saikia (CT) and Cham Hum Chakhap (CT) have been chosen for the Police Medal for Gallantry, Managing Director of Assam Police Housing Corporation Arabinda Kalita has been chosen for the President’s Police Medal.

As many as 15 police personnel, including Devojyoti Mukherjee, IGP (Border) have been selected for the Police Medal for Meritorious Service for the year 2020.