China’s PLA confirms 5 missing Arunachal men “found by their side”: Kiren Rijiju


NEW DELHI: China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has confirmed that 5 men missing from Arunachal Pradesh have been found by their side, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju said.
“China’s PLA has responded to the hotline message sent by Indian Army. They have confirmed that the missing youths from Arunachal Pradesh have been found by their side. Further modalities to handover the persons to our authority is being worked out,” Rijiju said in a tweet.

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has abducted five boys from Upper Subansiri’s Nacho region in Arunachal Pradesh, Congress MLA Ninong Ering had claimed on Saturday and appealed to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to ensure their ‘safe return’.

“Five boys have been abducted by China’s People’s Liberation Army from the Upper Subansiri area. Doing something like this while Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is in Russia meeting his Chinese counterpart, sends a very wrong message to the people here. Arunachal Pradesh is a very special part of our country where people are welcomed with ‘Jai Hind’ and slogans praising Bharat Mata,” Ering had said in a self-made video. (ANI)