China puts Covid patients & their contacts in metal boxes, causes outrage


China is following a ‘zero-Covid‘ policy to contain the Covid-19 outbreak and as part of the policy People – Covid-19 patients and contacts are being compelled to stay in cramped metal boxes and isolate.

As per reports, whether it’s pregnant women, children, or the elderly, people are being forced to stay in cramped boxes even if only one person in their neighbourhood tests positive.

Reports also suggest that these boxes are equipped with a wooden bed and a toilet, and people may be forced to stay in these cramped quarters for up to two weeks.

Several videos have been shared on social media concerning the situation in Xi’an, Anyang, and Yuzhou, where people have been quarantined following the detection of a few cases of the Omicron variant of the virus. The media reports are based on these videos.

These restrictions, which are part of China’s strict zero Covid policy, are aimed at putting an end to the outbreak before the Lunar New Year and the Winter Olympics in China next month.

What is China’s ‘zero Covid’ policy?

According to the Chinese government, this policy has helped to contain more than 30 Covid-19 outbreaks, including some caused by the more contagious delta variant.

To prevent the infection from spreading, strict measures such as mass testing, lockdowns, and extensive quarantines are in place.

China uses the “dynamic zero” formula: tight lockdowns and immediate mass testing to curb outbreaks.