Chicken prices fall in Assam, sold at Rs. 80 per KG


GUWAHATI: Amid Coronavirus scare, the prices of broiler chicken dropped drastically in the markets of Assam. The chicken price has been hit by the rumours that the COVID-19 can be transmitted by eating chicken.

A ground report of ‘News Live’ revealed that a Kilogram (kg) of broiler chicken is being sold at Rs. 80 in the retail markets of Goalpara.

“We are selling one kg of chicken at Rs. 80. The wholesale price is Rs. 64-65,” said a vendor in Goalpara.

“People believe that they can be infected from Coronavirus if they consume broiler chicken. Therefore, most of them have stopped buying chicken. There is also an oversupply of chicken from West Bengal but demand has dipped,” said a chicken shop owner.

On the other hand, a customer at Goalpara mentioned “I have stopped eating chicken in last 3 days as a preventive measure to Coronavirus. Today, I have bought only vegetables and fish.”

Chicken price has also dropped in the markets of Middle Assam’s Laharighat.

“We are selling one kg of live chicken at Rs. 40 and skinless chicken at Rs. 80,” a shopkeeper told News Live.