Chhattisgarh: Pregnant woman carried in vessel across river to hospital, delivers still-born


Bijapur (Chhattisgarh) : In a heart-rending incident, a pregnant woman who had to be carried in a utensil to cross the swollen Chintawagu river with her family’s help in Bijapur’s Gorla here in order to reach the hospital which was 15 km away on the other side, gave birth to a stillborn child.

The incident occurred last week and the family had to take this step in the absence of road/bridge. They have alleged medical negligence.

The woman, Lakshmi Yalam was admitted to Bhopalpatnam Community Health Center here.

Block Medical Officer (BMO), Bhopalpattnam, Ajay Ramteke has asserted that a notice has been issued to the doctor and nurse and a letter will further be sent to the higher officials to take action.

“We have issued a notice to the doctor and nurse. We will send a letter to higher officials for further action, after the doctor and nurse file a reply to the notices,” said Ramteke.

Lakshmi, the wife of Harish Yalam, a resident of Minakapalli, went to her maternal home in Minur.

“We took her to a hospital 15 km away. The next day she began experiencing labour pain. Doctor and nurse said it is not yet the time. Later they left after their shifts. The next shift came several hours later and called up doctor. She delivered a stillborn child,” Lakshmi’s sister said. (ANI)