Chennai International Airport resumes ‘safe’ operations with COVID-19 prevention protocols


CHENNAI: While the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has been endeavouring a safe, COVID-free environment across the country, Chennai International Airport has resumed safe operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the airport officials, with relaxation in movement norms, there has been an increase in Chennai based flight operations.

The airport is focussing on its re-equipped entry protocols with touchless points, hand hygiene and thorough disinfection of travellers luggage. Authorities have also set up isolation rooms with emergency facilities within the premises.

Effective preventions have also enabled the airport to resume its international operations with Dubai bound flights. Authorities attribute the success to both staff and passengers who they say are informed and have been instrumental in keeping the virus at bay.

Suneel Dutt, Director, Chennai International Airport told ANI, “People have become more aware of the measures to contain the virus. We saw that people are following the precautionary measures as soon as they enter the airport.”

“To help the passengers, the airport staff is talking to them about following new social norms which will benefit all of us, “Dutt said.

Srinivas, a passenger at the airport, said, “The authority is providing a safe journey. The procedure (touchless) is convenient for us. We have been given sanitisers, face shield, PPE Kit, which made us feel safe.”

Kumar Pranjal, another passenger said, “Airport Authority of India is providing very good service. During COVID-19 pandemic, they are taking care of the precautionary measures like sanitisation.” (ANI