Chandrayan-3 approved by govt, project ongoing: K Sivan


Bengaluru (Karnataka): Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman Dr. K Sivan on Wednesday said that the central government has approved Chandrayan-3 and the project is ongoing.

“The government has approved Chandrayan-3, the project is ongoing. The land acquisition for a second spaceport has been initiated and the port will be in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu,” said Sivan.

He also recalled the achievements of ISRO in the year that passed and outlined the focus areas of 2019.

“In 2019 our strategy mainly was the expansion program, we wanted to expand ISRO horizontally. The second strategy adopted in 2019 was the capacity building sn outreach program. The third one is the reduction of the physical work in ISRO. We have also constituted Gaganyan advisory committee,” Sivan said.

ISRO Chairman further added that a second vehicle building has also been inaugurated to increase the number of launches and stated that ISRO is expanding its horizon of activity.

“We brought the high school children to ISRO to train them for two weeks on space, Science and technology. Another major activity we initiated is that we want the PSLV to be produced by the industry,” said Sivan. (ANI)