Centre won’t touch Article 371, says Amit Shah in Arunachal


Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh) : Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday assured the people of Arunachal Pradesh that Article 371, which grants some temporary, transition and special provisions to particular states, will not be “touched”.

“After the abrogation of Article 370, a lot of rumors were spread that Article 371, too, would be abrogated. Today, on the Statehood day of Arunachal Pradesh, I want to tell the people of Northeast that Article 371 would not be touched,” he said while addressing the 34th Statehood Day Function of Arunachal Pradesh.

The Union Minister also exuded confidence that Arunachal Pradesh would make efforts in contributing to the Centre’s target of making India a 5 trillion dollar economy and added that the Central government will keep intact in protecting the rights and cultural heritage of the tribes.

“We are certain that Arunachal will make its contribution to India’s target of becoming a 5 trillion dollar economy. Northeast has been a very important region for India forever. The tribe living in this inaccessible terrain is an accessory to India’s culture.”

“Today, 33 years ago, Arunachal Pradesh was formed, opening the road to development for the people who lived in this region. This land is crucial for India in several ways. Twenty Seven tribes and over 120 sub-tribes are a specialty of the region. I want to assure everyone in Arunachal that protecting the rights and cultural heritage of these tribes and sub-tribes is a responsibility of the government and we will continue to deliver the same,” he added.

Talking about the amalgamation of the country’s culture with the one of the Northeast, the Union Home Minister said, “India’s culture is incomplete without the culture of the Northeast. Until these mixes come together, India is incomplete.”

“There are different ways of greeting each other in various parts of India. Arunachal Pradesh is the only state in India where people greet each other with a ‘Jai Hind’ whenever they meet.”

Talking about the development in the Northeast region, Shah was of the view that it is the responsibility of the entire country to uplift the region.

“All Indians believe that the development of the Northeast and the welfare of the people of Northeast is not just the region’s but the entire country’s responsibility.
Today, the entire Northeast understands that it is responsible for securing the national boundaries,” the Union Home Minister said. (ANI)