Central, Western Railway withdraw curtains, blankets from AC coaches amid coronavirus scare


Mumbai: The Central Railway and Western Railway have withdrawn curtains from AC coaches in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“As per the extant instructions, curtains and blankets provided in AC coaches are not washed every trip. In order to prevent spread of COVID-19, blankets and curtains should be immediately withdrawn from service till further orders,” said Western Railway PRO (Public Relations Officer).

“Passengers should be advised to bring their own blankets in their own interest. Wide publicly should be given to this effect. Some quantity of additional bed-sheets may be kept for any exigencies,” the official added.

Meanwhile, the Central Railway stated that during coach maintenance, all coach fittings such as grab handles, door handles, door latches, entry door handles, seat guard, snack trays, window glass, window grill, bottle holders, upper berth climbing stair that are frequently touched by passengers, electrical switches, charge points, dustbins are being intensively cleaned using disinfectants.

“Special focus is being given to intensive cleaning of toilets, including washbasins, toilet seat with hot water jet cleaning for better efficacy,” it said in a press release.

The release stated that “all curtains in AC coaches will be removed in the next four to five days”.

“Wherever roller blinds are installed (such as Tejas, IAC windows) the rolling-down cloth or fabric roll will be removed. Instead of the entire roller blind assembly. OBHS (On-Board House-Keeping Staff) gang is sufficiently provided with liquid soap and napkin rolls so that the same can be adequately replenished, as needed during the journey,” the Central Railway said.

It further mentioned that new blankets will be provided replacing the older blankets immediately.

“All blankets, used by passengers will be segregated in separate linen bags,” it said.

“To educate and communicate to the customers, a notice or sticker stating, ‘In order to ensure personal safety and hygiene, blankets are ordinarily not being distributed with a bedroll. Customers who still need the blanket, may please approach the attendant’ will be displayed in AC coaches,” Central Railway said, adding that these measures will be ensured for at least a month. (ANI)