Celebrity designer Masaba Gupta And Actor Satyadeep Misra Just Got Married


Designer Masaba Gupta and actor Satyadeep Misra quietly got married on Friday. The newlyweds announced they were married with matching posts on Instagram.

The wedding photos show Masaba and Satyadeep both dressed in pink. The caption reads: “Married my ocean of calm, this morning. Here’s to many many lifetimes of love, peace, stability and most importantly laughter. And thanks for letting me pick the caption – this is gonna be great!”

Opting for a barfi pink raw silk lehenga with gold embroidery and a lime green dupatta with a wallflower print on it, the bride subverted muted tones for a more maximal ensemble, making a case for the return of colour to wedding wear. “I think that it’s all about doing tradition with a contemporary twist. It’s modern and versatile simultaneously, and it’s also very personal. It’s got an element of kitsch,” says Masaba. 

On her relationship with Satyadeep Misra 

Masaba met Satyadeep on the sets of Masaba Masaba, and interestingly, he was playing her ex-husband’s character in season 1.

Speaking of Satyadeep, Masaba said, “He’s an actor himself and he used to be a lawyer for a decade before that. I think we just connected on the fact that we could have conversations; we both love comfort, peace, and a healthy lifestyle. It’s been a big change in my life where I’ve started eating better, and I think a big part of my fitness journey has kicked off because of him. We both like simple things–coming home to each other and just talking about nothing; watching something completely ridiculous; and having a good laugh. I think that’s something we crave. The reason we connected is that when we come back home, we’re dead to the world–it’s like anything that happens in the outside world doesn’t affect us. That’s always special.”