CBSE schools to become anger free zones


New Delhi: In a bid to bring about positive change in children, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has asked all its affiliated schools to become “anger-free zones” where everyone including teachers, staff and parents will try to manage their anger.

The board secretary Anurag Tripathi, in an advisory to all CBSE affiliated schools on Friday, said the initiative will help the students learn the value of “freedom from anger”.

“The initiative will help our students in developing effective skills and in eradicating emotions like fear, disrespect, humiliation and hurt, which are the by-products of anger. This change will help children become more mentally active and emotionally wealthy,” the advisory said.

The education board mandated to reserve one period per day for health and physical education and integrate various forms of art while transacting the curriculum for all classes.

“Through various kinds of sports activities, yoga and art-Integrated classes, you can create a joyful learning environment in your schools, which would subsequently reduce instances of anger. Simply put, create a joyful environment in your schools to decrease anger issues,” it said.
CBSE suggested that the schools put up signboards for the same at strategic locations in the school, take up teacher mentoring and organise exercises with children.

The schools have also been urged to announce their endeavour to become an anger-free zone on social media using hashtag #cbsenoanger, recording their experiences and reward improvement in this area.

“Some of the simplest changes that could be undertaken include genuinely smiling at students and teachers, talking to students and everyone around them calmly, not looking at cellphones all the time, practising breathing exercises by all, practising mindfulness, etc,” the advisory added. (ANI)