Carry food and water, sit six feet apart, says Lok Sabha Secretariat to officials resuming work from Monday


New Delhi : As the nation is set to witness easing of some lockdown norms from Monday, Lok Sabha Secretariat has allowed its officials to join office while maintaining social distancing and other safeguards against COVID-19.

According to an order issued by the secretariat, only 33 percent of the staff will be allowed to attend at any given day and individuals would need to sit at a distance of at least 6 feet away from each other, and work at staggered hours.

“On any given day, the total number of officers and staff attending office in each Branch/Office/Wing/CeII/Unit shall not exceed 33% of the actual strength, the seating of the said officials may be so arranged that a distance of at least 6 feet is maintained between them, officials shall compulsorily wear face masks, staggered lunch-breaks to avoid gathering during lunch, spitting in public places is strictly prohibited,” the order read.

Staff members have been asked to bring their food and water, as canteen will remain closed. Additionally, they would not be allowed to have lunch at the same time, and there would be no gatherings permitted in the corridors.

Female staff members that are having children of 5 years of age or below and those who are sick can work from home after taking permission from competent authorities.

“Female officers having children below five years of age and staying far away and not having own conveyance may also seek approval to work from home. Officials who are feeling sick and feel the need to self-quarantine themselves may do so in their own interest and in the larger public interest.” the order read.

The order further states that “All officers of the rank of Joint Secretary and above will attend office on all working days whereas officers of the rank of Director to Deputy Secretary and equivalent will attend office as decided by their Additional Secretary or joint secretary concerned on the rotational basis based on work requirement and its urgency.”

It clarifies that those below the rank of deputy secretary will attend office depending on the quantum of work.

All file movements shall be through electronic mode in e-Office, the only exception being urgent files for consideration of the Speaker.

Sources stated that the officials residing at places far off from the secretariat or residing in the vicinity of containment zones would seek the permission to work from home.

Meanwhile, any official who feels sick while attending office may immediately leave the office premises after obtaining permission and seek immediate medical assistance. All staff members of the secretariat have also been advised to download the Aarogya Setu Mobile Application.(ANI)