CAA has nothing to do with Indian citizens: Vice President


COIMBATORE: The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has nothing to do with Indian citizens, said Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu here on Friday.

“CAA pertains to persecuted refugees from the neighbouring countries. It has nothing to do with Indian citizens,” said Naidu while interacting with the students and staff of PSG Institutions here.

The Vice President also said the violence was not acceptable in a democracy and observed that those encouraging violence were doing at the cost of the nation.

He said that dissent was essential in a democracy but not disintegration. Stating that protests have to be conducted in a peaceful and democratic manner, he said: “No one can speak against the unity and integrity of the country”.

The Vice President called for an education system that upholds India’s values, ethics and makes the students aware of our rich cultural heritage and history.

Stressing the need for preservation and promotion of Indian languages, Naidu called for providing primary education in the child’s mother tongue. He also appealed to people to use their mother tongue at home and in their communities.

Naidu urged people to first study and understand the CAA legislation. It has nothing to do with Indian citizens and it pertains to refugees who have been persecuted on religious grounds in neighboring countries, he said.

Referring to the revocation of Article 370 and reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir, he said that Article 370 was a temporary provision and it was revoked after a thorough debate in the Parliament.

The Vice President reminded the students that India was once known as Vishwaguru and was the global hub of knowledge with students from all corners of the world studying at Nalanda and learning centres of excellence.

Observing that there was no dearth of talent or skills among the youth of the country, Naidu said that several reputed multinational organisations such as Microsoft, Google are being headed by Indians.

Calling upon both the government and the private sector to ensure access to quality education at affordable rates to students, particularly from the downtrodden and marginalised sections, he said that education alone has the power to bring about a change in lifestyles and empower people. (ANI)