Budding singer Tejaswita Baruah’s unfortunate death: Garmur Civil Hospital superintendent suspended


In an unfortunate incident, the people of Assam lost one of its budding talented Child artist Tejaswita Baruah.

Tejaswita’s death has sent shock waves across the state.

It may be mentioned that 14-year-old Tejaswita Baruah of Majuli suddenly fell ill while performing in the Dariyagaon Naamghar on the occasion of Srimanta Sankardev’s birth anniversary on Wednesday.

She was rushed to Civil Hospital but she died at the hospital due to a reported “lack of oxygen cylinders”.

Following her death, locals have alleged that there was medical negligence in her treatment.

After the death of child artist Tejaswita Baruah due to alleged medical negligence, the health department suspended the Superintendent of Majuli’s Garmur Civil Hospital in Garmur.

The Superintendent, Dr Amulya Goswami after a primary investigation was suspended by the health department.

Some reports also stated that she was attended by an ophthalmologist which led to the negligence.

Locals also said that the hospital in the district does not have enough doctors and for this many emergency situations are hard for them to deal with.

Many even said that due to the transportation barriers, the locals cannot even move to other districts in times of medical emergencies.