BSF deploys female constables at Indo-Bangla border to keep check on women smugglers


Guwahati:  In order to enhance patrolling on the India-Bangladesh border, female constables have been deployed to frisk women who cross over the border and are suspected to be involved in smuggling illegal substances into India, informed Border Security Force official.

“This is the starting point of the India-Bangladesh border. There is a village on that side of the border which partly belongs to India. There are about 56 women who live in that village and travel to both India and Bangladesh. So in order to frisk them before they enter India, female constables have been deployed,” said Suhasini Puhan, BSF Constable.

“Bangladesh starts just some meters away from the village. Some villagers are involved in illegal activities, due to which our country suffers. To ensure that women of that village don’t smuggle anything illegal into India, we check them,” Puhan said.

“We also accompany officials when they go inside the village to carry out raids,” she added.
On Haridaspur-Jayantipur Border Outpost along the India-Bangladesh border, about 36 female constables are posted in the unit. Patrolling is a big concern on this border as some parts are still unfenced.

“Some area of this border is still unfenced. If fencing gets completed, then we will get some relief from smuggling. Smugglers mostly try to cross the border at night as there is no light on that side of the border and the area is unfenced,” said the BSF constable.

“It has been 10 years since I have been inducted in the forces, we have got the experience of these things now. So, when we see any movement, we know whether or not the person is involved in illegal activities,” the constable added.  


(Inputs from Agencies)