Brilliance at its Finest- Mr Alan Beck, A Digital Sensation


From setting new goals to achieving new milestones in his career, Mr Alan Beck has come a long way through his life.


This mastermind entrepreneur was born on 1st November 1985 in Geelong, Victoria state of Australia. He was raised in Geelong till the age of 16 but moved to the city of St. Kilda in Victoria, Australia.


Alan has several hobbies: dancing, playing all sport from AFL, Cricket, Soccer, boxing, and UFC. He also is interested in learning everything out there about

advertising, marketing, making money, business, health, and the workings of the human brain.


When life took a 180º degree turn for Mr Alan, he suffered from compartment syndrome (in the calves) at only 17 years and contracted glandular fever in his 20’s that wasted seven years of his life in bed.


He faced many challenges which forced him to up his skills and knowledge. He believed he would be in bed forever or most likely die, so Alan turned from trying to help himself to wanting to help others.


After his leg injury from dancing and a few years before glandular fever, he decided to get his diploma in remedial massage and cert 3 and 4 in fitness and personal training.


In 2011, he managed to build 3 Bootcamp businesses. A few years ago, Alan was

rushed to the hospital with salmonella poisoning which almost lost his life. The doctor said, “If Alan didn’t come into the hospital, he would have died within 24 hours.”


Alan was in the hospital for seven days, and it was the last two days he started to feel better, so he decided to scale one of his Shopify stores to over $1,000 per day. He

couldn’t believe how easy it was, and he was often confused why so many people were failing.


Having so much on his plate was always his lifestyle! Alan has helped many

companies, e-commerce brands, influencers, and people reach their ambitions in life.


He has assisted an Australian Company to become the fastest-growing company in Australia in 2019-2020, has improved clients marketing strategies so that they can make over $500k per month through their Shopify stores, and has helped and is helping tons of Shopify brands to scale their income up from 0 to 7 figures per year!


With all of Alan’s experience, there was nothing he wasn’t successful at, and no matter what he did, he could make money or help others make money from it. Alan decided to learn about eBay, and within weeks, he had a Shopify store connected to eBay and was making hundreds per day just from that.


He has also worked with enormous e-commerce brands to help them make over seven figures and appeal to hundreds of influencers for about five years.


Having had massive success in the industry, not only for himself but with his clients, Alan has seen everything from the fake influencers to the influencers making millions per year from brand deals that are super high value.


The intellectual entrepreneur has been learning everything about advertising, business, health, social media, marketing, and anything relating to making money in the last ten years.


For Mr Alan Beck, his success has come from learning and repeatedly failing until he finds a strategy that wins.


With his success and experience over the years, he wants to make the world a better place. With years of significant success, he is now coaching influencers on what they need to do to build a very high-status social media profile that will attract brands.


Alan has a high-income influencer coaching program that isn’t cheap; however, it’s the world’s first high-income influencer program that coaches influencers on what they need to do to make it to the top 1%.


You can contact Alan Beck via Instagram & Facebook. Don’t forget to check out Alan Beck’s Website for more information.