Boxer Aradoaie Eronim Marcel defeats Raymond Chacon in his recent match, wins millions of hearts


Aradoaie Eronim has always been interested into being a boxer since he was twelve years old and has worked hard to see himself as a professional boxer who he is today. Aradoaie aims to be undefeated no matter what the situation is and for the one’s who have always been supporting him.

“It was a good fight , my opponent has a lot of experience, he has  50 fights, but I worked a lot for this fight, and I won with no problems” says Aradoaie Eronim after the match.

His true dedication and sportsmanship for Boxing is to a next level which is truly appreciated.

Aradoaie Eronim’s Manager Keith Preston Phillips is also a well known personality who’s always willing to help people and spread positivity and seems to be a dreamer. He has always supported Aradoaie and motivated him to never give up.

Boxing, like all sports is more about talent. You can not teach natural ability. You can train and do your best, but a good talent will beat the less talented. The saying is you can not make a race horse out of a plow horse is true.

Aradoaie has adopted the concept of working hard because becoming a pro boxer is very difficult. Aradoaie has trained himself hard to develop his strength, win repeatedly at the amateur level and kept his body in a tremendous physical condition. Majority of his professional life is spent in the boxing gym.

He strongly believes that the traits and qualities of a great boxer include a passion for the sport, being able to adapt to anything that comes their way, avoiding distractions on the way up, and fighting all odds to reach their goals. Also, to have a strong character and self-discipline to get them through the rough patches.

It has absolutely not been easy for Aradoaie to be where he is today. He has definitely put in all his time and effort to be at a position where he is today. His hard work has paid off and he could be an inspiration to many to never give up, no matter how many times you fail. We wish this talented and undefeated personality a great future ahead.