Both AIUDF, Congress to benefit from alliance break up, says Badruddin Ajmal


GUWAHATI: The Badruddin Ajmal-led All India United Democratic Front has formally broken its alliance with the Congress. The AIUDF chief admitted the end of the alliance. Both the parties had come together to fight their common enemy, the Bharatiya Janata Party before the Assam Legislative Assembly Elections.

“It is finished now. We have accepted that it (alliance) is no more there. Whatever decision the big brother takes we agree to it, there is no issue. As they have taken the decision we have accepted it,” Ajmal told reporters on Monday.

On being asked whether he felt betrayed the AIUDF chief replied, “How can you say they have betrayed. It was a political alliance and then they broke it. They should be happy about it and we, too, are. Both the parties will benefit from this break-up.”

There had been wide-spread discontentment within the Congress party in Assam for going ahead with AIUDF. Mostly, the senior minority community leaders from Congress had protested the move but had to bow down due to pressure from the party high command.