BJP’s love is temporary ours is forever: Tarun Gogoi


Guwahati: As Congress and AIUDF are set to field a common candidate for the Rajya Sabha elections in Assam, former chief minister and veteran Congress leader Tarun Gogoi has once again expressed his love for AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal. The Rajya Sabha election for three seats from Assam will be held on 26th March.

Talking to the media Tarun Gogoi said, “We want love, we don’t seek divorce. When we love someone we want the relationship to last forever. We are not like BJP who have a habit of showing unnecessary love and then kick out people whenever the work is finished. Their love for everyone is temporary. They don’t believe in a permanent kind of love”.

He also added, “BJP does not share intimate love with anyone. Once they will add Himanta Biswa Sarma in their party then they will go for AGP and now they have also taken BPF. It’s very hard to understand the kind of love BJP has for everyone”.