BJP will bring an error-free NRC: Sarbananda Sonowal


GUWAHATI: Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal on Tuesday said that if the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is voted to power, it would bring an error-free National Register of Citizens (NRC) and ensure that no “illegal migrant” is staying in the state.

“When we started five years back, we faced challenges like ensuring good governance and making Assam free from corruption, extremists and illegal migrants. The Congress has proved to be a failure. What they could not do in their 60-year rule, we have done in five years,” Sonowal told ANI.

Taking about the manifesto released by the BJP earlier today, the Assam CM said, “The manifesto clearly shows the intention of the party to make Assam one of the top states in the country.”

“The BJP is committed to empower every individual in Assam,” he said.

The BJP leader further said, “CAA is a central act and it has to be implemented. The NRC will be corrected. Presently, it is full of errors and cannot be accepted. We will bring an error-free NRC and make sure that no illegal migrant is staying in the state.”

Slamming the Congress, Sonowal said that Congress’ 60-year regime in Assam is their biggest failure.
Taking a dig at the Congress, Sonowal questioned how many times they increased the wages of tea workers during their regime.
“There is no problem in daily wages for tea workers. BJP in its small period enhanced daily wages by Rs 80,” he said.

The CM further claimed that in the last five years whatever development schemes had been implemented, have benefitted people.

“The Congress during their regime was able to construct only 17-kilometre road in Majuli, but now my constituency has 350 kilometres of road,” he added.

When asked about the candidate for the CM post in Assam, Sonowal said, “You ask the Parliamentary Board. Why are you asking me? We are BJP workers. Our target is to form the BJP government in the state. That is our highest level of satisfaction. Who becomes CM is not the question.”

Elections to the 126-seat Assam Legislative Assembly are scheduled to take place in three phases from March 27 to April 6. The results will be announced on May 2. (ANI)